Errors with Chrome

Unfortunately I got the following page displayed in a bad manner on the google chrome.

Upper Part

Lower Part of the page


How do you access this page.

  1. Traverse to MSDN Subscription home page
  2. Click on Buy or Renew
  3. Select a product and Continue (I selected VS 2008)
  4. The following page is displayed
  5. Click on Full + International
  6. Provide your credential till you reach the error page.

I hope it may be some small issue and will get fixed sooner or later.

Issues with Chrome

Though I have started using Chrome only for some time, I have found couple of things.

Two process 

Whenever the Chrome is launched it creates 2 process (chrome.exe)

It could be intentional it seems but why??

Page Properties missing

I have been using IE since ages so used to certain feature like when you right click you find Page Properties option. I didn’t find this option in Chrome….

Quick Overview on Chrome Part I

First of all let me share the download link to Chrome

It was small application to install and it was quick and I was there with chrome. As usual I traverse my organisation website

It was quick and all the things loaded quite quickly. I went through some of their feature , and following are my comments/observations

  1. Task Manager: Quite a cool one, it empowers the end user to understand which  web application really takes how much memory and CPU. Good Work done !!!
  2. Incognito, which literally means having identity concealed. Good feature when some one to visit certain website whose history should not be maintained. For e.g. Buying product online, email checking etc. But the side effect it can also be used for visiting porn sites :).
  3. Good features for developer.

All about Google Chrome

Thought of bringing together all the links related to Google Chrome at one place just before couple of hours before its launch. This also add to the hype created by Chrome in a single day…

Google launches Chrome

Google has one more product in its kitty. This time its in the field of browser. Google is launching its browser named Chrome. It will be available for download from September 2, 2008. It has releases a comic book version to explain its feature