CloudCodes SecureCloud+: Advanced Single Sign On(SSO) for Google Apps

CloudCodes SecureCloud+ is another solution by CloudCodes Software to overcome the IT issues related to Google Apps deployment for enterprise.

SecureCloud+ provides enterprise to implement Single Sign On(SSO) with Google Apps. It provides great control on how user within enterprise uses Google Apps. SecureCloud+ is deployed on Google App Engine.

Custom Login  Page

SecureCloud+ allows enterprise to customize login page. The login page can be changed to match the brand guidelines of the enterprise.


Redirect to Selected Google Site

SecureCloud+ allows you to forced the user to redirect to particular Google Site page after successful login. This is useful in case user should be forced to redirect to Corporate Portal on Google Apps.

IP Restriction

SecureCloud+ allows Google Apps administrator to restrict users to access their Google Apps enterprise account from a particular set of IP address. SecureCloud+ will not allow to login the user from any other IP address apart from the assigned one. It also takes care of the roaming user by assigning them as special user and allow them to access from any IP address.



SecureCloud+ provides auditing report in the form Google Spreadsheet. It provides the following information

a. UserName

b. Event (Login Success/Login Failure/Change Password)

c. IP Address

d. Time

e. Browser

Contact for more details.



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