Email Archiving for Microsoft Outlook

Email Archiving is becoming an alternative for Email Backup solution. From the days where we would regularly take backup of the emails residing in the Micorosft Outlook PST file and storing it onto a different drive. And when we need them then we used to load from the cold storage. Even though it serve the primary purpose of the offloading the old emails and reducing the size of the PST file. It may not be the right solution.

Email Archiving is today’s need and user should understand why this is important for them. Archiving will allow the email content within the PST to be stored on a separate repository say a database but also at the same time ensure the primary objective of reducing of PST file is also served.

I always used the term “Online Backup” for the layman users. The backup which doesn’t need the conventional way of restoring the data from a different storage but can be accessed anytime by the user without the intervention of IT administrator. This is where it really remove the dependency for the user.

Typically an email archiving solution will allow users to configure mailbox residing in the Microsoft Outlook PST file to different data repository. While doing so it also provides various flexibility which empowered users for archiving emails such as setting up the location for archiving, archiving frequency and various filters to choose what to archive and what to archive and what not to archive.

Apart from the basic feature, the power of email archiving solutions comes with the power of search. The search is the important aspect of any email archiving solution. Search can be categorized by

  • Search Within Content
  • Search Within Attachments
  • Search Based on Dates
  • Search Based on Folders
    • Body of the Email Message.
    • Subject of the Message.
    • Sender Email Address
    • Receiver Email Address
  • Search Within Content

    Any email archiving solution should without any failure SHOULD provide search within content of the email. This include

    User SHOULD be able to perform free text based search. The email archiving solution should provide the results based on matching terms. User are used to Google Search so providing such search will only increase the usability of the product.

    Search Within Attachments

    One of the most important feature is providing free text based search within the contents of the attachments including the file name. Not only the email should come in result due to presence of the search words within the attachments but also the email archiving product should provide proper highlighting feature to allow user to understand which attachment have the search words. This is really a chaos situation where an email is part of search result but the product doesn’t highlight the attachment which has those relevant words.

    Search Based on Dates

    Providing search based on dates allow user to narrow down the search on the huge email archiving store. This is really a good feature to have for an email archiving solution provider.

    Search Based on Folders

    This may not be a necessary feature but to provide an ability to include or exclude folders will help user narrow down the search.

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