Issues with Chrome

Though I have started using Chrome only for some time, I have found couple of things.

Two process 

Whenever the Chrome is launched it creates 2 process (chrome.exe)

It could be intentional it seems but why??

Page Properties missing

I have been using IE since ages so used to certain feature like when you right click you find Page Properties option. I didn’t find this option in Chrome….


3 Responses

  1. Any complaint I have with Chrome is infinitely miniscule compared to the complaints I have with both IE and FireFox. That said, in Chrome, I also miss the option to “set as background” when you right-click a picture.

    So far that is really my only complaint. I’m pretty estactic that Chrome seems to do everything that I have tried and failed to do in the other two browsers I mentioned earlier.

  2. I have a number of complaints with Chrome

    A) the Google toolbar is missing, and it’s a tool that I would have expected to see. It will be added eventually but until then I can’t use my bookmarks etc

    B) The browser is really bad at saving passwords, which only happens for a selected few websites. In most websites I have to constantly sign in, and I don’t understand how they could have gotten that one so wrong

  3. The URL bar acts as a the google search bar, also.

    It seems to save passwords fine for me. When I go to a website it doesn’t show the fields filled in, but if I click “submit” it logs me in.

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