Issues with Chrome

Though I have started using Chrome only for some time, I have found couple of things.

Two process 

Whenever the Chrome is launched it creates 2 process (chrome.exe)

It could be intentional it seems but why??

Page Properties missing

I have been using IE since ages so used to certain feature like when you right click you find Page Properties option. I didn’t find this option in Chrome….


Quick Overview on Chrome Part I

First of all let me share the download link to Chrome

It was small application to install and it was quick and I was there with chrome. As usual I traverse my organisation website

It was quick and all the things loaded quite quickly. I went through some of their feature , and following are my comments/observations

  1. Task Manager: Quite a cool one, it empowers the end user to understand which  web application really takes how much memory and CPU. Good Work done !!!
  2. Incognito, which literally means having identity concealed. Good feature when some one to visit certain website whose history should not be maintained. For e.g. Buying product online, email checking etc. But the side effect it can also be used for visiting porn sites :).
  3. Good features for developer.

Google launches Chrome

Google has one more product in its kitty. This time its in the field of browser. Google is launching its browser named Chrome. It will be available for download from September 2, 2008. It has releases a comic book version to explain its feature

The Innovative Product of the Decade

Dubflick announces the world first online video sound editing tool. This is completely a web based tool and is accessible through The innovator is little bit apprehensive about the success of the product which is visible from the fact that home page is still not developed.

The following are the features

  1. Create an account or get Register with the site.
  2. Open a video from YouTube by copying the link of YouTube video.
  3. Then start editing the video like putting lot of expressions.
  4. Inserting your own voice.

This is a great tool for people who loveto make video spoofs but have to depend upon desktop based tool. This is now on web and completely FREE. NO download of heavy software, NO need to buy software and learn the art. It as simple cutting the cake on your birthday.

Try yourself the most innovative product of the decade.


Good Link on HTTP Performance

A very good link on HTTP performance

Good HTTP Sniffer Tool

In recent past I have been looking on the performance of our web application. To understand what takes more time I was looking for a tool that provide me detailed report what part of the web page takes more time.

My hunt started with Fiddler, an excellent tool and provides great information but when I looked at the tool named HTTPWatch, I was IMPRESSED. An awesome tool and provide great detail information similar to Fiddler. But the most impressive was it get integrated with your IE browser including IE 8.0 beta. So while you traverse a page and wait for the page getting rendered the tool will display all the HTTP request from browser to web page server. This includes the AJAX request.

Great tool!!!!! try it out Download


I have been quite busy with too many things at my professional front,so unable to write some good stuff. Though I happen to read this article on SOA, so thought of sharing the link with everyone. The reason I say KISS SOA, as the author believed in Keep It Simple and Straight

Please read this, this will reallly demystify a bit about the ocean called SOA.