QuickRules.NET 3.1 Beta 2 Released

YASU  Technologies one of the leading BRMS vendor announced the release of their .NET BRMS version QuikcRules.NET 3.1 beta 2.

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The QuickRules.NET 3.1 Beta 2 comes with some exciting features that make it unique compare to other vendors in the same field

  1. For old customers, it claims to improve its productivity of Rule Development upto 268% which is amazing.
  2. The WebEditor which is used by end user as part of Change Management/Hot Deployment of Rules now supports localization which means business analyst can now manage rules in local language :).
  3. The Rule Builder provides a single editor interface (i.e. no dialog box) to write rules for Rule Developer.
  4. The Rule Builder also has its own Autocomplete and Intellisense feature, which makes rule writting a excitting stuff.
  5. For platform supports it now supports the latest OS Windows Vista and Office 2007 (Visio and Excel).
  6. The Rule Repository have been improved to seamlessly integrate with enterprise authentication mechanism. 

For beginners, use this video to understand BRMS and How QuickRules.NET solves the problem. 

Please go ahead and download the Beta 2 version from the YASU website.


I have been quite busy with too many things at my professional front,so unable to write some good stuff. Though I happen to read this article on SOA, so thought of sharing the link with everyone. The reason I say KISS SOA, as the author believed in Keep It Simple and Straight


Please read this, this will reallly demystify a bit about the ocean called SOA.

MS Releases Silverlight

To all the RIA cool dudes, there is gud news Microsoft release the much awaited Silverlight is officially released. The press release also have a great news about its venture to support Silverlight the Linux Platform. That will be cool, the project is named Moonlight .

This really getting better, this is what I called this healthy competition. The result will be birth of the new technology and new paradigm shift in application development. I believe Adobe will also launch their AIR or Apollo very soon.