Virtualization: The New Mantra

Last 3 months I have been closely associated with the world of virtualization. If I stop and give a thought to this entire concept of virtualization, the only thing that come into my mind is that its one of the great revolutionary idea that the world of IT has seen over a decade.

From my perspective the following are revolutionary ideas in the field of IT

  1. Virtualization
  2. Internet
  3. Google
  4. Microsoft

Virtualization top my list for the simple fact it has almost bring a complete change in the way a system administrator views the system.

Let me first take some explains what virtualization means from a layman perspective

  1. Half a century back, One computer was monolithic block spread across multiple room.
  2. Then came the revolution in the electronics world with capacitors, transistors and brought the desktop.
  3. Then I say there was stagnancy in this entire field where the goal was improving the efficiency of single desktop called it as a desktop or server class box.
  4. Then the birth of new word virtual, which created machine within machine. Thats the virtual machine and that mark the begining of virtualization.
  5. The birth of this new idea was from the fact that a box whether desktop/server never utilizes its resources 100%. Most of the time the resources are un-utilized.
  6. What virtualization does it divides a single physical box into multiple virtual machines. Each having its on operating system and its own application.
  7. All these virtual machine can co-exist together and can work in tandem without interfering each other.
  8. Each has its own IP address, its own users, its own installed application, its own registry etc-etc.
  9. Currently the following are the vendors who provide the virtualization products
    1. VMWare
    2. Citrix
    3. Microsoft
  10. Microsoft is the late entrant in this area but they are already moving fast and their aim is to make virtualization ubiquitous with the launch of their Windows Server 2010.