Approval workflow on Google Apps without the need of IT team

CloudCodes gFlow provides business users of SMB customers for Google Apps to automate their approval workflow without the continuos need of IT team. The following are the dependency for the IT team

  • Install the gFlow from Google Marketplace.
  • Assign the business user as administrator for gFlow.

Once gFlow is installed on the Google Apps domain, the business user can do the one setup for the following

  • Roles
  • Department
  • Users
  • Approval Categories

Once the setup of above is done, the business user can start converting paper based approval form on gFlow. Isn’t that simple?

If a new user needs to have access to gFlow then the user can request for access by clicking on gFlow from the More link. The administrator(business user not IT admin) receives an email notification and can add the user in a couple of minutes.

The objective of gFlow is to allow the business user to bring efficiency in their approval process and not get involved in IT administration of the product along with IT team which indirectly increases the risk to increase their budget.

CloudCodes is very much committed to ensure gFlow is able to meet the various complex need of Approval process within a customer organization. CloudCodes will keep on adding those features to meet such complex requirement.