Active Directory Google Apps Password Sync

CloudCodes Software provider of Google platform based product provides password synchronization tool for Active Directory and Google Apps.

The synchronization tool is simple and easy to use. Once the product is installed on the primary domain control and configured with Google Apps, any password changes by user on the AD is synchronized with Google Apps.  The product has the following system/technical requirements

1. Windows Server 2003/2008

2. .NET Framework 3.5

Once the product is installed and configured it need to go through a restart process. After the restart the AD the tool is installed within the AD.

The tool send the password to Google Apps in an encrypted manner. The password is encrypted before updating to Google Apps.

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Sharepoint Migration: Migrate the content to Microsoft Sharepoint

PCVITA Express Migrator for Sharepoint is next generation migration product for Sharepoint Server as part of Sharepoint Migration. It equally fits into Migration 2.0 generation of migration products. The products supports migration of file system content such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF and various other types of document to Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 as part of Sharepoint Migration.

With the high adoption rate of Microsoft Sharepoint Server among enterprises which are small, medium and large in size. It is becoming very difficult for System Administrator to quickly migrate the existing organisation common internal documents related to finance, administartion ,HR, Research and Development and other related documents to quickly migrate them to Microsoft Sharepoint Server.

PCVITA Express Migrator For Sharepoint acts as a smart bridge which is easy to use, effective and efficient to move their existing file system content to Sharepoint as part of Sharepoint Migration.

PCVITA Express Migrator for Sharepoint also supports migrating content which is residing in Exchange Server  Public folder to Sharepoint as part of sharepoint migration strategy. Many organisation are using Public Folder to keep their common document and share across the organisation. These can now be easily migrated to Sharepoint as part of the Sharepoint Migration. This is great in scenario where the Sharepoint Administrator doesn’t need two products to perform the Sharepoint Migration.

PCVITA Express Migrator for Sharepoint comes with the following features

  • Support for adding files and folders.
  • Support for associating meta information with the files.
  • Select the destination document library on target sharepoint server.
  • Create a new document library.
  • Apply filters on the content getting migrated.
  • Report on the migration.

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