Morphological Image Processing

Morphological Image Processing.


Approval workflow on Google Apps without the need of IT team

CloudCodes gFlow provides business users of SMB customers for Google Apps to automate their approval workflow without the continuos need of IT team. The following are the dependency for the IT team

  • Install the gFlow from Google Marketplace.
  • Assign the business user as administrator for gFlow.

Once gFlow is installed on the Google Apps domain, the business user can do the one setup for the following

  • Roles
  • Department
  • Users
  • Approval Categories

Once the setup of above is done, the business user can start converting paper based approval form on gFlow. Isn’t that simple?

If a new user needs to have access to gFlow then the user can request for access by clicking on gFlow from the More link. The administrator(business user not IT admin) receives an email notification and can add the user in a couple of minutes.

The objective of gFlow is to allow the business user to bring efficiency in their approval process and not get involved in IT administration of the product along with IT team which indirectly increases the risk to increase their budget.

CloudCodes is very much committed to ensure gFlow is able to meet the various complex need of Approval process within a customer organization. CloudCodes will keep on adding those features to meet such complex requirement.



For Last Sixty Years, we who belong to Middle Class have been exploited by the political class. They never bothered about us. We’re ourselves to blame as we never bothered to take time and cast our VOTE,our power to change the CORRUPT SYSTEM.

This time irrespective of Sun,Rain, Winter or any other thing lets make sure we PUNEKARS take time on 23rd April 2009 and cast our VOTE. Lets show the political class that we the Middle class also count and they should start taking notice of us. The Middle class is not bothered about region, religion or caste or anything that divide an Indian from Indian. The Middle Class believe they are first INDIAN.

Lets all INDIANS pledge and say that


Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008 RTM

Microsoft releases the SQL Server 2008 RTM. The below is the link to the press release

Pune Marathon 2007

On Sunday 2nd December 2007, the annual event the Pune International Marathon was organised. I also participated with my other 20 colleagues. It was really a fun event. We participated in Run for AIDS charity event. More than 12,000 runners which include profesiional runners from 14 countries also participated.


 The Assetlink Team at the beggining of the race.


In action the team on the way to the final spot.

We never thought of completing the race but eventually we did completed in a record time to our standards. It was great and seeing so many people coming so early on a chilly morning is really commendable. That’s the sprit of Pune. Three cheers for Pune….

MS Releases Silverlight

To all the RIA cool dudes, there is gud news Microsoft release the much awaited Silverlight is officially released. The press release also have a great news about its venture to support Silverlight the Linux Platform. That will be cool, the project is named Moonlight .

This really getting better, this is what I called this healthy competition. The result will be birth of the new technology and new paradigm shift in application development. I believe Adobe will also launch their AIR or Apollo very soon.