Paradigm Shift for Backup of Microsoft Outlook PST file

PCVITA comes with a paradigm shift in the world of Outlook Backup solution. Till now backup of Microsoft Outlook PST file would involve
a. Stop the Microsoft Outlook.
b. Copying the Outlook PST file to different location.
Whenever user needs data from the backup then copy back from the backup device and then load the PST file to Outlook. This is OLD and now obsolete technique.

PCVITA provides the most efficient and new technology solution for Outlook backup. PCVITA Outlook backup solution comes with the following feature
a. Backup the Outlook PST file without stopping Outlook.
b. Reduce the size of Outlook PST file.
c. Search from backup without the need to restore the backup.
d. Integrated with Outlook.

With PCVITA Outlook Backup solution the user completely is away from the age old tradition instead it can always access the outlook backup emails without any issue and also perform search on outlook backup emails within Outlook itself.

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