Compress PST using PCVITA Email Archive Magic

Over a period of time, the Microsoft Outlook started becoming slow due to increased size of the MS Outlook PST file.  Not to blame the Microsoft but it is generally the user tendency to keep all emails in the Outlook for some or other reason. The aging becomes the issue as the times passes.

Though we need the emails for some reason but it is not always required. In such case why we should keep those age old emails in the Outlook PST file and increase the overhead involved in it. The solution is archive the old emails using some third party tool like PCVITA Email Archive Magic.

PCVITA Email Archive Magic provides one of the most comprehensive solution for Microsoft Outlook Email Archiving with the following features

  1. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Supports archiving of multiple Outlook PST files.
  3. Supports deletion of emails after archiving.
  4. Support powerful search based on
    1. Text based search.
    2. Dates based search.
    3. Search within attahcments.
  5. Support export of the searched emails as Outlook PST or EML files.

Once the PST contents are offloaded to the archive store the size of the PST file reduces to greater extent.


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