Remove Cookie in ASP.NET

I was working on the Cookies using the HTTPCookie class in ASP.NET. Though it is simple to add cookie and use them in the program but I really struggle to remove the cookies. I tried initially

  1. Get the reference to the cookie.
  2. Use the Response.Cookies.Remove method to remove the cookie.

I expected the API to behave as per the name i.e. delete the cookie but to my utter shock it didn’t work. After long search I found the solution. The key was to make the cookie expire instead of removing it from the collection

Response.Cookies[“MY_COOKIE”].Expires = DateTime.Now;

This works perfectly for me.



3 Responses

  1. Here’s a thought about using DateTime.Now, how is this affected by time-zones of the visitor’s cookie?

    If the web-server is in Sydney, Australia they would be UTC+10 … so if a visitor from Hawaii (UTC-10) need to wait 20 hours for the cookie to expire?

    Maybe try DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(-1) for the cookie expiration?

  2. are you talking about persistent or non persistent cookie, how we remove non persistent cookie

  3. After setting the cookie Expiration to the previous date. Again create a new cookie. As we cannot completely destroy the cookie on the local user system.

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