Good HTTP Sniffer Tool

In recent past I have been looking on the performance of our web application. To understand what takes more time I was looking for a tool that provide me detailed report what part of the web page takes more time.

My hunt started with Fiddler, an excellent tool and provides great information but when I looked at the tool named HTTPWatch, I was IMPRESSED. An awesome tool and provide great detail information similar to Fiddler. But the most impressive was it get integrated with your IE browser including IE 8.0 beta. So while you traverse a page and wait for the page getting rendered the tool will display all the HTTP request from browser to web page server. This includes the AJAX request.

Great tool!!!!! try it out Download


2 Responses

  1. The HttpWatch costs about $400, there are some other good http traffic analyzers.
    For example http debugger ($50) or fiddler (free)

  2. I went through the tool mentioned by you but HTTPWatch is still the best. I will always recommend developers to use the Basic Version which is free if they can’t afford the professional one. It is one of the best tool available and it will takes enough time for other to come closer to them. There feature set, usability aspect is awesome and absolutely required by any developer….

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