One Year of Blogging

Its’s been a year that I have start writting which co-incidently co-incides with birth date of my late mother 9th April. I always wanted to be in this great world of blog but didn’t know how to go about it. Then come the great guy Rajgo my ex-boss motivational speech in weekly team meeting. Thanks to him I could start and now I’m proud of the fact I have a space of my own in this big world of Blogging. 

One year I posted some 37 posts many of them were just links. I started with some stupid stuff and then added I believe some good stuff on Adobe AIR and WCF. These post are getting the maximum hit so thought so they are good. Overall there 4033 hits on my blog in the first year. To me this figure means a lot. Now on a daily basis I get a hit count of 20-25 which is great for a beginner like me.

The only problem with my post I’m unable to write more about a particular topic due to the fact my work keeps on changing from topic to topic so unable to provide much insight into a topic like AIR and WCF. Will try aim those stuff for this year. Hopefully at this time by next year I have a better story to write.


2 Responses

  1. happy belated blogging anniversary

  2. Happy belated blogging Anniversary Debu 🙂 You are doing a great job… something important about 9 April with us also, will tell you sometime… Take care…

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