WCF: Exposing multiple endpoints

Of late I have been reading about WCF. Though I have many things to share but thought of sharing this link about how to expose the WCF Service as multiple end points i.e. suppose we wrote a WCF service to calculate home loan. The same service can be exposed as

  1. HTTP
  2. TCP
  3. Named Pipe

If the service is to be used by non-.NET based app then HTTP is the best option and if both service and client are in same network and both the app are .NET based tcp can be used and if both the service and client areon same machine amed pipe can be used.

The question then comes do a developer have to expose multiple interface, the answer is NO. The developer have to use the configuration files to expose the service with 3 end points.

This is one of the cool feature that I liked about WCF. the below link provides the similar stuff with an example



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