Hello World using Apollo/Adobe AIR

Its been days that I was trying to write a simple app using AIR, the buzz word these days, so downloaded the following

  1. Adobe AIR SDK.
  2. Adobe AIR SDK documentation.

Extract these above stuff after downloading. The documentation is quite good for a HTML /Javascript developer like me. Here I write a Hello World html file using AIR framework.

There are three things to be done

  1. Application XML file.
  2. HTML File.
  3. Executing the application.
Application XML File
  1. Create a XML file named <AppName>-app.xml, here appname can be HelloAIR.
  2. The structure of XML is


The text of rootContent element represents the name of the html file that is associated with the xml.


The following the html code


The appLoad is invoked when the page is loaded. As shown above we are including the standard AIRAliases.js file in the HTML file, so AIR runtime will be initialized. If its initialized the Air.Trace statement is used to print on AIR console “Hello Air”. Then XMLHTTP request is made for getting request.txt file and dumping the content of that file onto the AIR console.

Executing the Application

When the AIR sdk is extracted there are two programs that come

  1. ADL: To execute the AIR application
  2. ADT: to package the AIR application

Use the adl command to execute the AIR application.

The ADL command

When you execute the command with XML as parameter then the following is displayed



As shown above the Hello.AIR is the Air.Trace output and the white console displays thee content of the request.txt file.


4 Responses

  1. This is helpful info; thanks for posting! Might be nice if the text were real so we could copy/paste, but beggars shan’t be choosers…

    I did noticed that with the release of the latest AIR beta some changes are necessary for this to work. Running it currently produces the error:”This application cannot be run. (error: This application requires a version of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) which is no longer supported”

    Here’s a version that should work with AIR beta 2 (new xml format and different xmlns url).

    Updated HelloAIR-app.xml

    Hello Air

    Hello Air Test App


    Also, it’s not totally clear from the text that one should
    – copy the AIR javascript from sdkdirectory\frameworks\AIRAliases.js into the directory with the html and xml
    – create the request.txt file (and put something in it)

    Probably obvious to many, but I thought I’d point it out to the rest. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Bah — looks like it scrubbed the xml.

    Try http://pastebin.com/f72e4be76

  3. […] an AIR application can accomplish the same limited functionality with just a bit more code than hello world and that AIR provides much more. But unless Adobe can effectively communicate what the heck AIR is […]

  4. Wow .. seems you have been experimenting a lot..

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