Retrieving Stored Procedures Parameter Info using ADO.NET

 The below code provides way to retrieve meta information about the stored procedure argument

//The usual code
OleDbConnection dbConnection = new OleDbConnection(<Connection string>);
OleDbCommand dbCommand = new OleDbCommand(<sp name>,dbConnection);
dbCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;


The above static DeriveParameters method retrieve information about stored procedure specified by the command object.

//Iterating over the Parameter and retrieving the meta information….
foreach(OleDbParameter param in discoveredParameters)
Console.WriteLine(“Name Of Parameter:{0}”,param.ParameterName);
Console.WriteLine(“Data Type: {0}”,param.OleDbType.ToString());
Console.WriteLine(“Input/Input-Output: {0}”,param.Direction.ToString());


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