.NET Framework Tools

Its quite amazing Microsoft has provided so many .NET framework tools, the question comes then in my mind how many we know or how many we have used. My answer was ignorance. So decided to list some of the tools that framework provides. In some of next posts I will try to elaborate some of these once I really understand how to use them. The complete list can be find in the following link

  1. ASP.NET Compilation Tool
  2. ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool
  3. Assembly Cache Viewer
  4. Global Assembly Cache Tool
  5. Installer Tool
  6. Native Image Generator
  7. XML Serialization Tool Generator
  8. WSDL tool
  9. XML Schema Definition tool
  10. MS CLR Debugger Tool
  11. SOS Debugging Extension
  12. Strong Name Tool
  13. MSIL Disassembler
  14. MSIL Assembler
  15. Resource File Generator tool

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