Business Rule’s in Developer Life

As a developer writing code for many years may be more than a decade(including college and school days), I never thought of that I may be working with a set of business rules coincidently but today while going through a book on Business Rules by Tony Morgan they seems all to be Business Rules. So I decided to list them all.

Writing Code

1. Naming Convention for file.
2. Writing Code in a particular namespace.
3. Following Coding Guidelines.
4. Compiling the code and remove all errors.
5. Follow Source Safe guidelines before check-in the code.

Customer Support

1. Acknowledgment to customer.
2. Analysing the support case.
3. If its critical then respond immediately.
4. If its not critical then schedule the fix and release.
5. Communicate to the customer.

The last but not the least sending the status report on every Friday to the Manager :).

Business Rules are everywhere whether we acknowledge them or not, they are just their. We just need to open our eyes and started recognizing them.Life is full of Business Rules so lets start recognizing them and start making them better and efficient.

[**Let me know if you guys think there are items other then listed….]


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